Choose a new name

5 Book reviews are awaiting attention and some are long overdue so today was dedicated ‘reading and no nonsense day’ in the Innes household.  But what a distraction to find in the very first book  – The Edge of God – where I came across a contributor by the name of Pink Dandelion. Pink Dandelion! What a joy to find. A little more procrastination research brought forth this article from an old Church Times.

Pink, and I’m sure he won’t mind the informality, is Professor of Quaker Studies in Birmingham. His name came about when he was living in an anarchist peace camp and some agreed to change their names to protest to names being handed down by fathers; also to choose names that were neither male nor female.

So my question today is… what name would you have chosen?

Me?  Purple Puffin, I think.

4 thoughts on “Choose a new name

  1. If it’s a colour and something we like I’d go for Green Cat, but starting from scratch and avoiding real names I’d choose a favourite word – possibly Pellucid.

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