Rant of the week

The target of this week’s rant is the DSS or whatever they call themselves this year – Jobcentre Plus, or whatever.

This week I have heard the story of three people who have been mislead by incorrect information which has then really affected them financially.  Each time it has been because the person didn’t just want to sign on but wanted to do something while waiting for that job offer to come in.

You can work part time but then they take 6 weeks to calculate how much to take off your fortnightly benefits and whack it all off at once.  Or you do a course and they say it won’t affect your Housing Benefit but it does.  The problem is that you never get to speak to one person who can help you.  It is so compartmentalised and it seems like nobody will accept responsibility when things go wrong. Always blame someone else.

In each case the family have had to step in and help out. What if there is no family? What if the family have no money? What if you just lose your house and end up on the street? Well then we’ve got a department for that too. But don’t expect us to accept responsibility.

No wonder people cheat the system. No wonder people work cash in hand while signing on. No wonder people don’t take on courses and ways to improve their job prospects. You can put all the money in the world into those schemes but if you penalise folk for doing them, then they ain’t worth a hill o’ beans.


6 thoughts on “Rant of the week

  1. A friend had a similar problem, never got it resolved and thankfully is now back in employment but no thanks to the jobcentre staff who managed to lose the application, made him restart the information and not pay him in 3 months if it wasn’t for family and friends he would have been in dire straits..

  2. yep – I had that problem last time I was unemployed – I’d be offered a few days work so couldn’t claim that fortnight as I’d worked too many hours then a few weeks later when I got paid I couldn’t claim that fortnight as I’d earned too much. Every time I ended up well out of pocket for accepting work. But if I hadn’t taken the work I’d have lost benefits for not accepting it. Crazy system

  3. The problem is no one person is responsible at the Jobcentre Plus office you visit. We as humans recognise it as either DWP/Jobcentre Plus/Dole office/DSS etc. but actually it is the Secretary of State (SoS).

    All documents you receive, all the appointments you get and all the decisions made are either notice from SoS, appointment set by SoS or a decision by the SoS. Yes, the Sos works through staff, all powers are delegated.

    Because of this, like you mention, no one will accept responsibility and hence why in most cases you don’t even get an apology because you, are low of the low (you receive benefits) and the person under law who does everything (delegated duties though) is the Secretary of State whom are amongsts the most important people in the country by political value not to mention is filthy rich benefiting from a nice salary and of course the mp expenses they abuse.

    A silly and very unfair system. Such staff can make all the mistakes in the world and are not accountable for them.

    How about the Secretary of State? S/he is never responsible for any specific decision although responsibility with the DWP lies exactly with them. This system really needs cleaning up!

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