The problem with extroverts

I love people. I really do. I have learned over the years that I also get my energy from being with people. I like listening to their stories and I love the banter of conversation.

(I was thinking today that maybe that is why I find silent retreats so difficult. There you are with a bunch of people and you can’t speak to one another. My idea of hell. People are there to learn from and be with.)

So this being off sick thing is really starting to get to me and we are only 2 1/2 weeks in with 4 to go.  The first week I was feeling pretty awful so lying around was okay. The second week was like being on holiday: reading books and catching up on TV series and movies. This week I had an outing to 2 shops and had to lie down for a day after. But I am really feeling okay. So I can spend my mornings doing pew sheets and cutting out angels for the crib service and the afternoons doing a little light reading or contemplating my tax return.

However… all I really want is to talk to people. That’s what I’m really missing. I’m sure clergy friends see my phone number and run for the hills. My little flock who visit look alarmed when I double lock the door behind them and offer them tea and cake and scintillating conversation which never draws breath.  And I’m sure poor Fr K thought he was just getting away with a quick ‘how are you’ phone call this morning only to find me still wittering on an hour later and holding up his busy day.

So there we have it. Spare a thought for the sick extrovert. It really is hell for them not the paradise you might expect.

12 thoughts on “The problem with extroverts

  1. You are more than welcome to give me a ring and chat about books…. and what is bugging you.. drop me an email and I will give you the number… sorry wished I lived nearer to you to drop in and chat..

  2. At least you have lots of Fr K’s to delay.

    I’ve just sent a facebook comment — but to pick it up here…. If I can find the right moment, are you up for some liturgical/ priestly questioning some day next week (I’m seeking perspectives on something)?

    It’s a shame we can’t swap personalities for a few weeks. I’m positively envious of all that time alone you’re getting.

  3. hey… I could do with some practice in ‘visiting the sick’… wanna lemme try?
    happy to pop round with some goodies and to natter for a bit if that would help alleviate boredom??? lemme know via facebook x

  4. You must not be embarrassed by your yearning for company and hatred of silent retreats. This is due to your Christlike persona. If you check the holy scriptures you will notice that every time Jesus went off on a silent retreat he was immediately interrupted by the crowds and/or a multitude. And, like, the Son of God didn’t know this was going to happen.

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  6. Deep sympathies….I nearly went mad when encarcerated with a broken arm during Lent…my poor son would get in from school, and need to set to on the household tasks that were beyond me, while I drowned him in a tide of words that had been building all day long.
    Do hope there are outlets for your extroversion soon…

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