What have I been reading?

Why, thanks for asking.

I probably have the biggest Amazon wish list in the world. I am always reading book reviews or hearing people wax lyrically about a certain book and before I forget its name, I pop it on my wish list. From time to time people give them to me as gifts, and sometimes they turn up in charity shops. The two books I’ve read this week have fitted those categories.

The first was The Tenor Wore Tapshoes by Mark Schweizer. I think it was RevGalPals who recommended one of the books in this series but as they are rather expensive over here a lovely friend got me one when in the USA.  It is classed as a Liturgical Mystery which was a new one for me, being a huge fan of the Ecclesiastical Whodunnit.  The blurb says:

Hayden Konig leads a charmed life. He’s rich, he loves his full time job as police chief in the little mountain town of St Germaine, North Carolina, and he still enjoys his part-time employments as the organist and choirmaster at St Barnabas Episcopal Church. He’s also working on his third detective story and is convinced that purchasing Raymond Chandler’s typewriter and using it to compose his opus will impart some magic to his demented prose. He couldn’t be more mistaken.

It was a light read and quite amusing. A body is found in the altar and the Immaculate Confection (a cinnamon bun that looks like the Virgin Mary) is stolen. Hayden and his friend are coerced into attending the Iron Mike Men’s Retreat and the revival evangelist is helped by Binny Hen the Scripture Chicken. If you’re ever in the States, do pick me up another in the series.

The second book I read in one sitting yesterday and loved it. This one was found in a local charity shop and I picked it up thinking it might have some resources for Advent. In fact, it was a story not a resource book, although I suspect I will go back to it again and again.

The Advent Calendar by Steven Croft tells the story of Alice’s adventures in an Advent Calendar which is short on chocolate but big on surprises. There are codes and secrets all inviting us to explore the deeper meanings of Christmas.  Children would enjoy it too.  The imagery of the calendar is still going round my head and I’m almost tempted to read it each day in Advent at Morning Prayer. It certainly will be our next Book Group book.

Steven Croft is/was Archbishop’s Missioner. This book was published in 2006.


4 thoughts on “What have I been reading?

  1. We’ve been away (half term in Andalusia) and have missed so much on the blog, not even realising you’ve been / are poorly. A huge hug! I read quite a good book while away – Rush Home Road – an entertaining holiday read but thoughtful. Tried Sunset Song but gave up … have you read it?

  2. Hi Abigail! Good to hear from you. haven’t read that one but it is on my ever increasing wish list. Sunset Song was required reading at school and I never got it at all, I’m afraid.

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