What do you do when you’re off sick?

It is almost a week since I got out of hospital. I am bored already. 6-8 weeks is starting to look like an awfully long time.

To begin with, when you are feeling poorly and dopey apres anaesthetic, it is fine to lounge around in your jammies, popping in and out of bed, watching a little light TV (attention span not good over 30 mins) and reading a page or two before falling asleep again. Having a shower really takes it out of you and a lie down is required before the hair is dried.  Checking emails and feed reader lasts about an hour before a shift of position is required. Appetite is lacking and a little bit of toast is about all you can manage politely but when pressed will force some French Toast/Eggy Bread down reluctantly.

But as the week goes on, things start to improve.  This brave wee soldier can even manage to make her own tea now, if forced. Attention span for TV is up to one hour programmes, but fell asleep half way through an old episode of Morse. (Enjoying old episodes of Moonlighting and Tooty Fruity.)  Emails and playing on Facebook etc is now lasting 2 hours. One wee nap in the afternoon is all that’s needed although little dozy episodes do happen from time to time.  Reading ecclesiastical whodunnits is improving and up to at least 10 pages before eyes close.  Dealing with lack-of-water-crisis at church is not fazing and I am sure that someone else can deal with it without my help.

Son #1 has turned out to be a really good nurse. He loves cooking and has been a little disappointed that I’ve not required any of his masterpieces yet. But the cups of tea and fluffing of pillows have been timely. And he is awfully good at nagging when he thinks I’ve been at my desk for too long.  His girlfriend is now on my car insurance so is taking care of the shopping and enjoying having a runaround for a wee while.

So there we have it. Week 1 of convalesence post hospital is almost over and I am feeling much better.  Thanks to whoever brought me a doze of the sniffles. (Coughing and sneezing is a big no-no!) Visitors always welcome – if you make your own tea.

3 thoughts on “What do you do when you’re off sick?

  1. I had 13 weeks off work with an tendon injury to my ankle therefore was on crutches… I was lucky to know in advance that I was likely to be laid up and had made plans to occupy some of my time.. making a santa costume, knitting scarves, cross words, blogging, and generally being kept busy is all too important as will be the trips out when you eventually feel more like it…

  2. The trips out are actually very important – seeing how far you can comfortably go, rejoicing when it gets further. After 6 weeks I went back to swimming – felt a million dollars after that! And by that time you’ve actually begun to get used to being on the sick and the thought of work seems somehow … unlikely? But I recall this feeling of it all stretching ahead endlessly.

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