A lesson in humility

Sunday morning brought my sister and her boys over to do my housework and change my bed.  They also taught me Harvest Moon for my DS Lite in case I’m interested in getting it.  (Not sure that I am!)

Son #2 came to visit and eat bacon rolls.

A & K from church came to visit with a purple cushion with ‘Queen’ on it and some books.

D & M came with communion which was a surprise and lovely. That’s the second time this week I’ve been ministered to and it was really rather special.

Finished My Name Was Judas by CK Stead which is our book group book this month. Well, this will be an interesting discussion methinks.  We have to assume that Judas did not commit suicide or die but lived on in Greece and is now telling his version of a shared childhood with Jesus and what it was like being one of the 12. There were quite a few ‘oh that could be right’ moments and lots to ponder. Interesting version of the naked young man who was seen running away when Jesus was captured. Loved that bit! Worth a read.

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