Prayers ascending for a busy weekend

It has been a busy week and this weekend is going to be even busier. So take a deep breath and plunge in, why don’t you?

Firstly, you could come and admire our new signs. Yes, finally they are up and looking gorgeous (photo to follow). Now perhaps Nikki will get off my back as every time we meet for a coffee in the Blue Bean she has a go about those tatty old ones.

Secondly, we will be interring the ashes of Canon John Paul, past Rector of this parish. John and Susan have been a great support to me over the years and I have got to know them better since I came here and they popped in from time to time. Rest eternal, grant unto him O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.

Thirdly, the day has dawned on the WOTY (Wedding Of The Year) which has been in the planning for what seems like a very long time indeed.  The date was moved to accommodate the Provincial Conference which never happened.  And should the Rapture happen, or a very large fire at St Mark’s this afternoon, there will be no young people left in the Scottish Episcopal Church. For yes, I think every member of the Provincial Youth Network will be seen hobnobbing with a Bishop and a number of clergy and a whole host of family and friends to Caroline and Andrew today at 1pm.

Note: the incense is brought to you by Rose Mystica today so you have been warned.

So let us pray for those who mourn the passing of a loved one after a full and loving life together.

And let us pray for those who are beginning their life together that God may bless them and keep them ever loving.



3 thoughts on “Prayers ascending for a busy weekend

  1. get off your back??? I was just being gently encouraging, surely 🙂
    Will be going past later today and shall inspect ’em, lol! No, it’s fabby that they’ve finally gone up mate – well done! 🙂

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