Back to Church Sunday 2009

This year we were one of six churches in the Diocese of Edinburgh asked to take part in a pilot for Back To Church Sunday.  Throughout September we heard stories from people who’d first come to church with a friend, and thought about why we might want to invite someone along.  So there has been 4 weeks of a build-up and the danger with that sort of thing is that nobody turns up, including the normal congregation, and its all a bit of a damp squib.  Really I should have had more faith.  Lots of new friends and great singing and delicious muffins.  Want to see some photos?

B2CS09 1 w400

B2CS09 Gospel w400

B2CS09 Communion w400

B2CS09 Juniors w400


11 thoughts on “Back to Church Sunday 2009

  1. pleased it all went well Ruth, I know these things take time and energy, we did it last week, did not make much of an impact, we get more folk when its free lunch !

  2. Yes, maybe. Though I think that getting a lighting designer in to offer advice might be more use.

    Do you want to emphasise the fireplace or not?

    Your font is in an odd place. Does it move about?

    There is something rather odd for me about the crucifix above the organ. Looks almost as though that is the altar and you in the sanctuary are worshipping in that direction.

    You do have good brass, but it looks insignificant from a distance.

  3. New lighting is a given.

    Someone suggested moving altar back so that on occasions choir could stand in front (at concerts). We have to decide before carpeting.

    Font does move. No room at back of church. Well there could be but it would get lost, I think.

    Yes, should have moved Crucifix.

    Need a gang of gay clergy in to advise, methinks.

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