Strange furniture

I put the big ironing board up yesterday to iron my new purple curtains.  I hate putting up curtains. Just letting you know in case you were thinking of invited me round to yours to do the same.  I ironed 3 pairs of curtains on  a cool setting as instructed which did not remove creases so it was hard work.  Why 3 pairs? Because it is a bay window and I mis-measured, right?  Got them up four hours later with an inch of daylight showing, but looking gorgeous and voluminous.

Now I can’t get the ironing board down. It appears to be competely stuck.  And it makes very strange furniture.

And before you say it, no, it is not because I don’t ever iron. It is because I used the big board as opposed to the normal board which I usually use. Right?

Can you tell I’m a bit tetchy about the whole ironing-board-in-the-study-thing?


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