Blackberry Bold Review

It is very exciting when you suddenly discover that your mobile phone contract has just run out and you can get a new one.  I’ve been with Vodafone for years and years, in fact ever since I learned to drive in rural Perth and had a crash a week after passing my test near Spean Bridge and nobody’s mobile had a signal except Vodafone. Over the years I’ve had contracts and pay-as-you-go with Vodafone and always been quite happy. Two years ago I decided I wanted one of the new phones which would allow me to get email and access to internet while on the move so got the Palm Treo.  Oh how I loved the QWERTY keyboard and touch-screen and how easy it was to work for a newby. But that’s about it. Never did suss out how to get email, internet access took ages and was a bit of a faff, the camera was lousy.  (I dare say, with a bit of effort I might have been able to suss out some of these things but you know how it is… if you don’t learn it in the first few days you’ll probably never take time to look it up after.)

On Monday I went into the local Vodafone branch only to find that the manager is a young man who I last saw when he was about 10 and the son of an old long lost friend.  He recognised me which was a huge surprise!  “It’s the Blackberry Bold you need,” he said. And he was right.

  • It has been reasonably easy to set up, even for a complete idiot when it comes to computer things.
  • I’ve got my emails coming through thick and fast and easy to answer too (and I can keep them on my computer remotely if I don’t want to deal with on Blackberry).
  • Facebook is big and bold on screen.
  • Twitterberry is still an ongoing project in learning and I may go on to Ubertwit or some such thing that was recommended to me.
  • I have synchronised with my Outlook diary and contacts and it even told me some of my contacts were on Facebook and asked if I’d like to become their friends.
  • It synchronises with I-tunes so I don’t need my Ipod anymore although I’m not sure how much storage space there is yet.
  • The QWERTY keyboard is a joy to use with thumbs – keys slightly raised and firm, but not too firm, to press. The Shift and Alt keys are more logical than on the Palm Treo.
  • I get 18 months free (well you know what I mean!) use of a Sat Nav which I haven’t downloaded yet but will report back.
  • You can charge the battery by normal plug (supplied with European and US adaptor) or by USB.
  • I thought it was touch screen for some reason (that may have been the Storm) and I don’t have much luck with tracking balls on laptops but in fact this one is really easy to use and it has just taken me a day to get used to it and love it.  (I had touch screen on the Palm Treo and it is just taking a bit of getting used to.)

It has voice commands and a zillion other things that I haven’t had time to play with yet.  My only slightly embarrassing difficulty was that I switched it off last night by holding down the red hang-up button but couldnt figure out how to switch it on again this morning.  Doh.  Well wouldn’t it make sense to switch it on by holding down the green button and not the red one again?  My son assures me all phones work this way. And two hours worth of searching on the Blackberry sites and forums did nothing to enlighten me, nor was it in the instruction leaflet. I can’t be the only one, surely?!

So after 24 hours worth of play I am giving a big thumbs up to the Blackberry Bold.  I just wish I had more time to play.  Next project is to get MSN on it which I know it can do.


10 thoughts on “Blackberry Bold Review

  1. So have you got one then? You could show me how to tweak it at the CC.

    Which reminds me of that very old (and sick) joke:
    What’s a baby seal’s favourite drink?
    Canadian Club on the rocks.

  2. Ohhh I want one now, no not a Canadian Club on the rocks or a baby seal but a Blackberry. Maybe I will take a detour on the way to tonights meeting!

  3. It would be lovely to have one of these things just to play with and not as a tool so one’s employer can expect one to be available 24/7. I am continuing to refuse one so I can have a life.

  4. “It would be lovely to have one of these things just to play with and not as a tool so one’s employer can expect one to be available 24/7.” ….Rev Ruth’s Employer has always been able to contact her…doesn’t need a mobile.

    Not much fear of my company giving me anything more than a basic phone due to cost…..but, as RevRuth found out, they all have an off button (except her big bosses one)

  5. Which employer are we talking about? God or the Church? I’m afraid I’ve not heard either encouraging me to take a day off. Yes, that’s ONE day off a week – not a weekend.

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