Water, water everywhere

Glorious Sunday, if a little wet.  No, not the weather but the content of the service.  First of all we had Bishop Brian to bless the new Wyvern organ – and Andrew the organist as it happened. There was water everywhere! Thereafter we had some great hymns and some rather nifty footwork for the last hymn’s last verse (O praise ye the Lord!).

Then we had the baptism of baby Callum which was a glorious event for family,  friends and congregation who are so fond of D & K.  Callum was not too chuffed about hanging upside down over the water, but that may have been because there was a shark bobbing about in the water. (You had to be there.)

You know, it was just such a great service and why weren’t you there? You missed a great gig. It is always good to have the Bishop in attendance and yesterday was no different. He is so cool.

Then later on I ventured up the hill to the Robin Chapel to preach at Evensong. Forgot that it was Evensnog so missed a chance to wear choir dress and my academic hood. That’s the one with a bit of fluff on it, as one young server once pointed out. (The ‘fluff’ being fake ermine.) And one of my little flock came along to swell the ranks which was lovely and I felt very supported.

It has been a busy old weekend full to the brim of church and my To Do List is piling up with things that have been shoved aside.  So I promise to get on with them now.

4 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere

  1. I can never resist a wry smile when I hear/read of clergy saying they had to spend a lot of time in church. It doesn’t seem to occur that us laity do the same, without the added benefit of payment!

  2. ” Forgot that it was Evensnog so missed a chance to wear choir dress ” – Is Evensnog a new Piscy service then and does wearing a dress improve the experience?

  3. Ah, a common mis-type and what we used to call it at college!

    And choir dress is cassock, cotta (with lace if preferred) and academic hood which I never get a chance to wear. And guess what? It’s purple!

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