Big Sing

How could I have forgotten to mention the arrival of our new pipeless organ on Sunday? While I was off marching the streets of Rome, the pixies from Wyvern were fitting our brand new organ and Sunday was its first sounding.  Wow!  As I was sitting just below the speakers I can vouch for the volume.  Not a stop was left out, I don’t think, and nobody moved at the end until the last note of Karg-Elert’s Nun Danket alle Gott died out (to a round of applause).  I am aware that other bloggers have discussed whether congregations should applaud Postludes or not, but I think on this occasion it was surely appropriate. After all, we have been using the piano since the beginning of Lent, and while Andrew did a lovely job accompanying us there is nothing quite like a rousing hymn with all the stops out to stir the soul.

Don’t forget the Bishop is coming to bless said organ on Sunday. What with that and a baptism, don’t expect to get out before lunch!


2 thoughts on “Big Sing

  1. Why do inanimate objects get blessed? Isn’t that a bit pagan? Is blessing supposed to stop, for example “Highway to Hell” being played on said organ? Would it not be better to bless the organist?

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