Parish Outing

We had glorious sunshine for our parish outing to Lindisfarne on Saturday. (Sorry there are no photos but the church camera decided not to play game.) Arrived just in time to get to the Parish Church and after a quick change into the most gorgeous chasuble (take note, I would love one) we had our Eucharist in the choir stalls with some visitors joining in. Then we all went our different ways to explore the island. As I’ve been before I just did a little gentle pottering round the shops and eateries, finding a few pressies for friends so that was good. Many went out to the castle and explored the abbey ruins.

Stopped off at Oxford Farm for tea on the way home and what a wonderful repast they laid on for us. Thoroughly recommended.

A great day, lots of fun, well organised (thanks J & A for all your hard work) and can I just say the reason I didn’t win the Bible Quiz on the bus was because I didn’t take part. Well, it wouldn’t have been fair, would it?

A Blessing when Leaving Lindisfarne

To the prayers of our Island Saints we commend you.
May God’s angels watch around you to protect you.
May the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen you for all that lies ahead.
May Christ Jesus befriend you with his compassion and peace.

Lord, be a bright flame before us.
Be a guiding star above us.
Be a smooth path beneath us.
Be a kindly shepherd behind us.

And the blessing…


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