Arrivaderci Roma

Just back from a quick birthday jaunt to Rome with Son #2. It was gloriouso in every way, not to mention very scorchio. there is not a sight that has not been seen and photographed from every angle by said son.  I have been to Rome before – just for the day many, many years ago with Brother Basil and two friends and we ‘did’ St Peter’s and the Vatican Museum. I remember coming away impressed and with fresco neck. This time it was less of the religious stuff and more of the ruins although many churches were visited en route. And Son #2 did want to do St P and Vatican so I was delighted to do it again. Much has changed, not least the amount of people and the noise.

But for now I must leave you with that tantalising tease for I must sleep before the parish outing to Lindisfarne tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Arrivaderci Roma

  1. I went to Rome on a school trip in 1970 which was amazing. It was Easter and several of us went to the Anglican church for our Easter day communion, but not without a touch of envy for the two Roman Catholics and the several uncomitted who went off the St. Peters for the full Roman experience, but no envy for the unbelievers who chose to lounge around in the hotel roof garden or even in their bedrooms!

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