Quiet Sunday

Arrived at Church just before 8am on Sunday, greeted D who is always first, only to find out that I had no voice.  The cough that Son #1 had given me has clearly taken a dislike to my vocal chords and strangled them until they sound three octaves higher.  Thank you to John the server who read the whole thing while I did the actions a la ventriloquist’s dummy. It was quite surreal.

Fortunately I wasn’t preaching at 10.30am but I did have to phone Fr A to bring his alb and preside for me.  I saw some of the ladies swoon just at the thought of Fr A presiding. He does have a rather lovely rich bass voice and is one of those priests who really does it like he means it, you know?  I sat twitching in the congregation for not being in control is really not my thing.  Great sermon by Fr J, btw, on the four aspects of love.  Well you don’t get Song of Songs often enough in the lectionary, do you?

The next hurdle was that I was invited to preach at my old stomping ground – St Columba’s Bathgate for the 10th anniversary of the rededication of the building.  It is always great to go back and catch up with old friends so you don’t turn those invites down.  I phoned Fr Pip and squeaked the dilemma to him, suggesting that I bring the sermon and he read it.  Instead he preached and offered copies of mine.  I was asked to do a prayer of blessing at the Lectern which I dutifully squeaked to stifled sniggers.  (The irony of it being the Lectern and all about the Word was not lost on me.)  And guess what? I was invited to concelebrate again with all clergy past and present.  Geez! But even that could not mar the experience of getting together with friends after over a huge bunfight.  (You’d have found me hovering over M’s meringues.)  And oh, how those children have grown.

So it turned out to be a busy but quiet day. I staggered home and wolfed down a few Jakeman’s to no avail.  And just to let you know, ladies, Fr A is doing a repeat performance at this afternoon’s Tuesday Fellowship Eucharist.  I’ll be the one alternating between bass and soprano.


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