Preaching The Street

You know how it is… you get asked to preach at a very special occasion and you are so flattered to have been asked you immediately say ‘Yes!’  Then as the time draws nearer you start to wonder why you ever thought you could offer some bon mots to suit the occasion.  Your mind is completely empty of any ideas whatsoever and inspiration is off climbing a hill somewhere.  Then you remember a book which might have something to offer and in it, sure enough, you find a quote about Coronation Street which seems terribly apt and you’re off!  Except now you remember you don’t actually watch Coronation Street and are not sure that you’re going to be able to pull it off.

That’s the stage I find myself tonight.  Please say a prayer.

9 thoughts on “Preaching The Street

  1. I just have this vision of you standing up in the pulpit and saying “My text for today is “Leave it aht, Gary, ‘e’s not werf it!”

    Possibly more Eastenders than Coronation Street, but you see what I mean.

  2. No thanks, Ruth. The last time I stood up at the front in church Adrian pulled my trousers down. Memorable perhaps, but hopefully never repeated!

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