Good as New

I quite often hear folk say, usually within my hearing, “Oh I really must read the bible one of these days.”  And I usually reply, “Don’t,” because you know they’re going to start at the beginning and lose interest by chapter 3 of Genesis. However I have now found a book which I would gladly give to all and sundry with confidence and elan, no less.  It is called Good as New: A Radical Retelling of the Scriptures by John Henson and is a joy. Firstly the language is inclusive so that’s got to be good. Secondly, the language is simple and straightforward – the language of ordinary people, as it was written and avoiding complicated sounding ‘foreign’ names which nobody will read out loud in church  (eg Baptise = dip; dove = pigeon; Bethany = Dategrove). It is not a verse by verse translation but all the more enjoyable for it. It is just wonderful and I love it. Thanks Fr JW for pointing me in its direction. And I just know I’m going to be sharing more of it from the rooftops as I get in to it.

6 thoughts on “Good as New

  1. Sounds maybe interesting, although if baptize comes out as `dip’, what does it have to say for the prodigal son’s predicament in foreign places in Lk.15? (At least one “translation” uses the phrase “began to feel the pinch” there. 😉

    Oh btw, your link’s broken. The book is available here.

  2. ‘Away from home he soon went through his money, living without a thought for the next day. At the very moment his money ran out, there was a slump in the country where he was living and there were no jobs woth having. All he could get was a job on a farm looking after some pigs. Sometimes he was so hungry, he felt like eating the pig food. No one took pity on him. Finally he came to his senses and said, ‘Back home the workers on Dad’s farm get as much food as they need and more, but I’m dying of hunger. I’ve had enough of this job; I’m going home to Dad! This is what I’ll say to him, ‘Dad, I’ve led a selfish life and I’ve treated you shamefully. I’m not fit to be thought of as your son. Please give me a job on the farm. I’ll do anything!’

  3. Ruth – you’re the first person I’ve met who’s liked this as much as I do. I think it’s great fun. I bought it a few years ago after reading a review, loved it and and proudly produced it at my bible study group to howls of derision.

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