No good if you’re on the Atkins Diet

Blimey! How many more weeks of preaching on bread can one cope with? I don’t think there is any property of bread that has not been considered. Today I was even reduced to telling a story about MASH and a dying man smelling bread. That’s how hard it has been to find ‘bread’ things to say.

Nice to have a front row of the great white hope of the SEC today.  Many of the young people who have been working their socks off at Glenalmond all turned up this morning. A tad late but who’s counting! As I looked down upon those fresh faces I pondered what roles they might have in the future of our beloved Church. Will they be the movers and shakers?  The committed Synod members?  The rebels in the naughty corner?  Will any be ordained?  Will there be such a thing as ordained ministry?  Will they have left, disillusioned and frustrated?  They certainly made me think.  I also wondered what they were thinking about our style of worship at St Mark’s. Did it inspire and energise them? Hmm. I suspect it was a tad trad. Perhaps we should do feedback sheets like the Mystery Worshipper when we have visitors.

What questions would you ask of a visitor to see if they’d enjoyed church?

2 thoughts on “No good if you’re on the Atkins Diet

  1. As one of those “fresh faces”, who was sadly missing today, I think the service at St. Mark’s would have beeen just fine! Just as some of us go to very modern “youth” services, there are just as many (like me), who love the smells and bells experience. Likewise there are many who fall somewhere in between. I think that this is one of the reasons why Glen is so welcoming to delegates of all traditions, and those who rarely attend church at all.

    And for the record, I’ve certainly been inspired and energised by worship at St. Mark’s in the past 🙂

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