A shoe box and some string

My old computer is on its last legs. It thinks at about the same speed that I do which is not much for a computer. It certainly gives me plenty time to make coffee and have a wander while it thinks about opening a document but the time has come for it to go out to pasture.  Now comes the tricky bit because really I know nothing about computers and it is not easy to purchase one knowledgeably when you just want ‘something faster than the last one’.

My 16 year old nephew has offered to build me one from a shoe box, some string, some ram and a hard drive. He is going to do it at the weekend. Until then I shall be backing up things frantically on my pink external hard drive. I do have Outlook backed up but no idea how to import it when the time comes. Any ideas?  And I seem to remember that you can do something about My Bookmarks. I’d really hate to type them all in again.


10 thoughts on “A shoe box and some string

  1. Re address book: in Outlook Express –
    Click File / export /address book / save as /
    Text file (CSV). This can then be’ imported’ in a similar way to the new O.E., so save it to your backup disk.
    Why not try GoogleMail next time? everything is saved securely online and you never need to delete any messages and can search them for any name or topic. Also you can access your email + contacts from any computer. It’s brilliant!

  2. Got a computer you can long term borrow / have (I’ll explain). Could bring it over whenever as soon as. On hols at home at moment so free-ish. AW says it powerful. If you want to call me am around Thu evening …

  3. It is not Outlook Express – dirty word! – it is Outlook which synchronises with my phone and diary and to do list and contacts. I can access my email via Blueyonder if away too. I couldn’t leave Outlook now! Change? Are you mad?!

  4. If using outlook then export/archive from the file menu will do pretty much everything.. I moved it from my work pc to my new laptop without too much difficulty..

  5. The Outlook native data file is named “Outlook.pst” and is probably a large file somewhere on Drive C. On my own computers I have moved it to a data drive and told Outlook to look for it there. That is the key file you must have the latest version of to copy to the new machine. You might want to copy it elsewhere where Outlook doesn’t know where it is in case the new machine tries to overwrite it.

  6. That’s how I got my name… offering sage advice so of course that’s how the blog got it’s name the wise herb…

    Don’t forget on your new pc to import and I usually do a second export so I have a backup of the backup…

    Hope it goes well.

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