Our bishops are hoodies

Flicking through Inspires as you do, and came across an article entitled Seven Bishops and a Boat.  (Sorry I can’t link to that because Inspires isn’t online – just the name is!)  And it tells of how the College of Bishops met in Oban and went on a Sea Adventure Boat trip with their wives. There is a photograph of a crowd of people on a boat, right enough. They are all sporting red or blue anoraks as far as I can see, with the driver in yellow.  Perhaps.  There are twelve people including the one in yellow who may be the driver. Unfortunately they have their hoods up and you can’t see their faces. So really it could be anyone. It could be a stock photograph of a bunch of people on a boat anywhere in the world. They do appear to be smiling but you can’t see their eyes. And not a pectoral cross in sight. Are they really our bishops?


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