Boiler saga

Not even a year old and my beloved new Boiler has died. No heating, no hot water, no lights, no nuffink. The Boiler Man came yesterday and proclaimed it dead by virtue of drowning. I could see the water myself when he took the cover off. In every nook and cranny, it was. “Where did that come from?” I asked. “The sky,” he replied amusingly.

It turns out that when it rains heavily water gets in the vent, runs down the hose thing and drips/pours into the fan where the electrics are exposed. And there is nothing that can be done about it except replace said fan and hope it doesn’t rain heavily again. Ha!  Oh yes, and he suggested that when the guarantee runs out we take out continual insurance for it. Take note, Vestry.


5 thoughts on “Boiler saga

  1. Bizarre reply from your Boiler man……if the boiler pipe goes out through the roof then a hat ovelapping the pipe but still letting the vapour out must prevent the rain getting in surely…….if it goes through the wall then you can get a slatted vent…..whichever it should be cheaper than paying for insurance…..or am I missing something

  2. Ah – well there should be a way round it ….maybe there is a slated vent that only opens when the boiler is on…..who knows…..another one of life’s great mysteries is revealed!

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