I’m back

Sometimes I have difficulty switching off when on holiday. It takes at least a week for all the stuff swirling round your head to settle in a quiet corner. I spent that week pottering, tidying, reading a little in the garden on the two sunny days this past fortnight. This fun was only broken by 2 visits –  one to the dentist and one to the gynaecologist. Both a riot.

I miss work. I miss the people. I miss the routine which is not really routine because every day is different. I miss it all.  And although I recognise that we do need to take some time out, I do get awfully bored without it all. You see, I love my job. It is the perfect job for me and why would I want to take time away from it? To do it better when I return refreshed, I hear you cry. OK, you got me on that one.

This week I went to stay with P in the Borders. That’s the place where you go for peace and quiet and a chance to restore your soul. P lives deep in the valley with just nature for company, and no TV or radio or music either.  On the 3rd day I couldn’t take it any more and hightailed it up the road back to concrete and noise. Although that’s not to say that the country is completely quiet what with the sheep, cows, cats crunching mice and rabbits, bees and the quad bike shepherds.

Throughout it all I gave up smoking. So far that’s 1 week 5 days 10 hours etc and I’ve saved £111 (which coincidentally was the cost of the purple Radley handbag in Melrose).  Must write to Bishop Martin’s wife who sat next to me at the Synod dinner and told me about Champix – a new drug to help giving up smoking with great results.  My sister and I both started taking it at the same time and although she gave up a few days before me because she just went off them, I held on to the last minute before I had to do it. I won’t say its been easy – there is a certain amount of willpower involved – but it certainly hasn’t been hard. And the benefits are immense, as you’d expect. Of course this is not the first time I’ve given up in my 38 years as a dedicated smoker. I did manage 2 years when I was a curate but that all fell apart after a rather stressful time and one too many G&Ts and a persuasive friend.

Champix does have some side effects but they are not too horrendous. You just have to look out for suicidal thoughts and so far I’ve not had any of them. Son #2 is on them now too but we’re keeping an eye of him as he has a very dark sense of humour.  And I should warn you not to mention my girth which was slowly declining and is now rapidly reappearing.

So back to work tomorrow and I expect a round of applause for making it through a couple of weeks without work – oh yes, and without fags.


2 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. “So back to work tomorrow and I expect a round of applause for making it through a couple of weeks without work – oh yes, and without fags.”

    Your American readers could misunderstand that statement.

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