Holiday update

Spent an hour in the chair with the lovely Pedro this morning having a little root canal treatment. Nothing better for your holiday enjoyment. Of course, now that he’s done it he reckons it won’t hold so I need a cap or crown. I am rather weary of the whole affair and fed up eating soft food (missing filling on other side too).

So what else have I done with this well-earned holiday?  3 DVDs have been watched while it poured rain outside. They were: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (loved the book and love the movie); Doubt (scary Meryl Streep and scary story of nuns and a priest); Quantum of Solace (not short of car/boat/plane/people chases).

I’ve also done a bit of ferrying around of Son #1 and we haven’t been near a Historic Scotland site yet. Next week…

Oh yes, and I gave up smoking. Now on Day 5 and its a breeze. Thank you Champix.


6 thoughts on “Holiday update

  1. Well done on the smoking front, Ruthie! 🙂
    I’m on the tracking everything I eat/ drink campaign: have now lost 16 and a half pounds.
    Aiming to see where I’m at on that front by Christmas – wanna take on the challenge with the smoking??
    Go us – we can do it!!


    On the subject of habits what did you make of doubt have not seen it yet ???

  3. Go girl… wish I had the same determination with food – eating the right stuff and cutting out most of the the unhealthy grub that tastes sooooo good! I need to go on a serious diet!

  4. Nikki, ah well the eating front is not going quite so well with me. I had lost 21 lbs and was feeling rather proud of myself – then I gave up smoking. 5lbs have miraculously reappeared. Drat! So after the weekend I need to get ditch those carbs.

  5. Sr Therese, you have to see Doubt. I still don’t know if the priest ‘did it’ or not but what was so scary was what damage a suspicious nun can do.

  6. Aileen, I heard a consultant say we just shouldnt eat beige food – it is nearly all carbs. So only colourful food from now on. But chocolate ain’t beige…

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