The past fortnight have not been good for us in Durham Towers. We are all rather grumpy and with good reason too.

For twas on that Monday morning that the Gas Board came to dig up our street.  Neighbours round the corner have just had their pipes renewed and said it was a little inconvenient but you could still get in and out of your driveway with a ramp. Ha! I noticed a fortnight ago that all the men in the street somehow had ramps but none of us women did.  Those men who are out all day and only park their cars overnight. Whereas I work from home and am in and out all day long. Despite protestations to the crew from Newcastle and promises made by them, along with excuses, nothing has been done. So I’ve had to park my car away down the road, half on the pavement which is doing no good to my tyres, and watch lorries squeezing past it.

Of course, this all happened just as I moved my study from the peace and tranquility of the garden at the back to the ratatatating of the tar flattener and an assortment of diggers and dumpers at the front. I’ve made them cups of tea, I’ve willingly reversed all the way along the road when I couldn’t get through with nary a grumble, but none of it has done me one iota of good. I still have no access to my driveway.

And my other grumble, while I’m in the mood, is the weather. Oh yes, we have weather here on the east coast and it ain’t good. None of the heatwave that is mentioned every 5 mins in the media – oh no! Heat?  Ha! I laugh in your face!  We have had a fortnight of haars and chilliness with one slightly sunny hour 2 days ago in the evening. So I am sick and fed up of warnings on what factor suncream to wear, how to stay cool (when we are all in jumpers) and skin cancer scares. It’s pneumonia we’re worried about!

So there! Rant over. And don’t get me started on the amount of coverage Michael Jackson’s death has got…


4 thoughts on “Harumph

  1. Come on, you can’t deny its hot. I’m a stone’s throw from Porty and my thermometer is saying 25 outside. What it isn’t is sunny, its just humid and miserable. And Murray won.

  2. Thought you were talking about out street, they’ve been here too. Left us without our drive for two weeks, half the street dug up and Oh! the dust everywhere after the drilling, just getting back to normal now!

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