Boogying on down in church

Yesterday was the last day of Junior Church before the summer holidays. We gave out good attendance certificates with lots of applause and I got some lovely thank-you cards (in purple of course).

We always do something special for the children on the last day. So far we’ve had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, a magician and this year we had a Fischy Music concert. It was a first for me and what fun we had, stamping our feet, whooping, waving our arms. The kids loved it – and grown-ups too, I think.  What I really liked was that most of the actions were actually sign language – beautiful.

I bought their new CD ‘Down to Earth’ with all the extras (videos showing actions, teaching notes and activities, music arrangements, lyrics) so you can expect to hear some more. Some of the kids knew Fischy from school where they do affirmation songs and stuff about anti-bullying.

And go see them if you haven’t already.


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