Garage sale

Son #1 has finished his finals (and passed!) and is taking a year out before going on to do the Masters. (Scottish Lit in case you’re interested.) He is looking for temp jobs and they don’t seem to have fallen in his lap quite as quickly as he thought they would. Plan B involves selling his goods and chattels on EBay. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But this has involved raking through boxes in the garage and making a considerable mess in the process, hauling them all indoors to be photographed and listed, interrupting me constantly to ask advice – heh! what do I know?

I fear it will all end in tears. Or at least it will be me who has to run up and down to the Post Office. And just how much does it cost to send a book to Japan?


5 thoughts on “Garage sale

  1. Beware postage rates!
    Ali got badly stung with Amazon charges when she sold a massive psychology tome and the highest rate they allowed was about a quarter of what it actually cost… and beware sending to the Channel Isles!

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