Retreat? No, advance!

The parish Silent Retreat is over and seems to have been universally enjoyed. Those who were convinced they’d never manage, did.  The programme was probably a little too filled for such a short time and may be says more about me and how I’d like to retreat.

Whitchester Retreat House served us beautifully. Good food, lots of space, and glorious rooms.



I had the Buccleuch Suite with white leather sofa and chair, TV (that I couldnt get to work!), kitchen and the works.  A double bed instead of singles would have made my life complete.

Lovely grounds to sit in.

Helenreads w400

After silence was over some of us gathered in the open-shed-thing in a garden (what is the name?) and shared stories and laughed. Someone said it was like the Red Tent and I think that is exactly what it was like! Stories of death, illness and women’s bits.

The 'Red Tent'

The 'Red Tent'

Prayers ascending for the one who couldn’t make it. And here are the retreatants looking very happy now they can talk.

RetreatGirls w400

9 thoughts on “Retreat? No, advance!

  1. Thursday looks cool – but perhaps morning tea instead of lunchtime?Just means I might do more work in the office that way and boy, oh boy, I need to!! 🙂

  2. Ruth, sorry if i sound like i mis-read you.. if it was a silent retreat why did you want the telly to work ?????????

    oh and did you take and electric fan heater with you or was it warm enough always important to know if these retreat places have heat !

  3. to watch the pictures, of course… Ruth would have turned the sound to ‘mute’ 😉

    and Ruth – see you in the BB @ 11.30 Thurs. or thereabouts x

  4. Sister Therese, this may have been a silent retreat for the participants but I was leading it. And leaders, as we all know, can do what they like! My own silent retreat is a whole different matter – and no, I don’t usually manage silence then either!

    And toasty warm so no fan heaters needed. Do you still do that?!

  5. Oh, I suspect thefollowing chronological scenario in the form of reminders:
    At about 11.45am the sound of wailing and weeping emanating from BB might alert you to the fact that someone is about who may be feeling slightly rejected, neglected, abandoned…. 🙂 Your pastoral nerve will then prompt you.

    At about 12pm, all hell would probably break loose. Reminder provided by all sorts of weird incubii and succubii and minor imps happily jabbing you with teeny tiny little pitchforks. Both visual and sensory reminders.

    At about 12.30pm, armageddon… as in, arma geddin out of here, with tell-tale mushroom cloud in sky to provide visual clue.

    At about 1pm… Simon and Garfunkel – as in ‘the sounds of silence’ will provide the final aural reminder.

    See ya when you wend your way there, m’dear! I know you won’t forget.
    [sense of obligation/ guilt reminder] 😀

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