Thoughts on Synod

At lunch time on Synod you can attend workshops on a variety of subjects: twitter, use of reserved sacrament, and the like. Lots of people have been seen dashing out for a sandwich to get back and attend these. It occurred to me as I sat through a not particularly thrilling day of being talked at that it might be an idea to have all those workshops make up the agenda for Synod and then you sign up if you are interested in hearing about Pensions (sorry Daphne!), Overseas Mission and the rest.

Just a thought.


12 thoughts on “Thoughts on Synod

  1. I wondered what would happen if we set up lunch tiem workshops on ‘that bit of the covenant you wanted to discuss but couldn’t’, ‘the question that was asked but not answered’, ‘real conversation about diffiult issues’. You know, that sort of thing.

  2. lol, poor Daphne indeed! But I think you’re onto a winner. Mind, isn’t that sort of what in ye olde days Provincial Conferences were kind of about?

  3. Nik! Thank you for stopping by to blog.

    And there was me thinking the PC was all about catching up with friends and drinking late into the night… Oh no, that was General Synod.

  4. Rats chipped your nail polish… crikey – synod’s really gone downhill.
    Nik’s are a dime a dozen – common as muck I believe, but all essentially lovely 😉

  5. another idea. Our ecumenical delegates are given a ‘buddy’ to see them through synod. Maybe we should pair up across churchmanship divides and spend a day talking about synod (and other things) together.

  6. When you come to take your pension and there’s none there because the scheme’s gone belly up you’ll wish you’d paid attention and not been twittering on!

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