Dental question

Why don’t dentists give guarantees with their work?  Recently I had my check up and was told I needed 3 fillings. Fair enough. And they even gave me an estimate for the work (NHS) of £32. When the work was finished I was told the bill was £66. Why the discrepancy? Because I was told the lovely Pedro actually did 6 fillings. “No he didn’t. I was there and there were only 3 fillings.”  But it would seem that on some teeth there was more than one wee filling (back and front) so it was charged extra. Hmm.

Then a week later one of them fell out. Back to dentist yesterday and he said he’d fix it and had found another.  Estimate for £25. So why am I having to pay for a filling that wasn’t put in well enough? Is a week acceptable for the life of a filling?

Of course, the lovely Pedro is so delicious I don’t imagine many will complain.


8 thoughts on “Dental question

  1. Good question, when I queried a similar situation with my dentist I was told that it was the time taken rather than the stuff used that I was being charged for. It wasn’t until I pushed the matter she finally knocked £10 off!

  2. Could this be the cause of your sore neck……not the dental work….but ogling Pedro whilst lying in the chair?

  3. If anyone is offering a mass on the 22nd remember me, i spent $2,500 on my teeth having infections in my roots repaired and teeth rebuilt only to still be in pain so i have to go back that day for more work on the root canal… at least you have the advantage of an atractive dentist mine is just scary spice !!

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