Got it in the neck

It was my day off yesterday – the first in a while – and I lost it all in a haze of painkillers after a trip to the doctor.  For a couple of days I’ve had a sore neck – very stiff and unable to swivel at all. No sleep either because it doesn’t seem to want to be in a reclining position.  Doc says its a problem with the ligaments but I’ve no idea how it happened. Did I crash my car and forget about it? Was I held in a head-lock and then erased it from my memory? Is it because my computer screen was slightly to the right when I moved my study around?  Was it the moving of the study that did it?  Who knows?

Slightly better this morning I think but I shan’t be going to North Berwick as promised because driving is a bit risky, not being able to look left or right and changing gear is a bit nippy.  May have to cut down on the painkillers though in order to wrestle with my Trinity sermon. Or maybe not?


14 thoughts on “Got it in the neck

  1. Did you fall asleep somewhere silly? I did the same thing last week – fell asleep in a car (no – not driving) with head tilted back; compounded it by dozing deeply on sofa (head pushed forward). Result much as yours – can’t look to either side.

  2. I know this pain.
    I have found that a large, slow release heat pad works well. But a trip to a good sports physiotherapist is well worth the money if the problem persists.

  3. Ouch!!

    Hope the painkillers work.

    I’m having my first Trinity Sunday without preaching for three years now! Get a reputation as a good guest preacher, and you get all the worst Sundays…

  4. I think you need a course in ergonomics before your next furniture moving adventure! That’s why I changed to prophylactic physio – just let me know in advance next time.

  5. Ruth, I could be wrong.. but is not St Edmund the patron saint of necks because of the way his was cured by a miracle ? or was it St Edward its the one they want patron saint of England. anyway you could always try him instead of pain killers….

  6. prophylactic physio…? What on earth is that? Sounds rather rude for some reason.

    Heat pad sounds good, MP, thanks.

    Thanks Therese, will try them both.

    But it is getting better now. Of course, now I have bronchitis. Must cut down on the fags…

  7. Oh? *eyebrows raised*
    So now you’ve piqued my curiosity, I think it’s definately high time we caught up over coffee in the Blue Bean!! 🙂

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