Pentecost and stuff

We had a good celebration for Pentecost at St Mark’s yesterday – with some blog-reading visitors too who were very welcome. Our tradition is to bring ‘birthday’ gifts to the church so the floor in front of the altar was stuffed with bleach and wine and mops and toilet rolls and dusters and a host of other goodies that will see us through the year.  A group of my little flock even bought St Mark’s a new Henry Hoover to supplement the permanently broken Dyson that we got last year. Some people also brought back their plant pots filled with money after our Growing Season project last year (courtesy of Mother Kimberly).   The children enjoyed ripping open the parcels but I did see a few parents anxiously watching on as the bottles of bleach were raised aloft. Oh, and there was birthday cake too. (Any excuse for cake at St M’s.)

Today I shall be entering the bowels of my garage to do a bit of tidying and searching for 3 tea-sets for the Garden Party tomorrow. Yes, the oldies refuse tea from my many church mugs (I collect them), even though many are bone china. Cups and saucers are the order of the day. (That’s after they’ve polished off my wine cellar, of course.)

So, if you want to come and sit and bask in sunshine (I hope) sipping Chardonnay, tea and munching cucumber sandwiches etc do come along at 2pm.  As ever, there are not a lot of flowers to admire – just some blue ones – but my next door neighbour has a lovely array and I’m sure she won’t mind if you peer over to adore them. Oh, and bring a deck-chair if you want a seat.


4 thoughts on “Pentecost and stuff

  1. What a good idea – I wish that I had read it before my term as churchwarden was up. I’ll suggest it at the next PCC regardless.

  2. Don’t credit me, Mother K, as I inherited it here at St Mark’s. Suspect it was a Timm Engh thing as I’ve heard of other US churches doing something similar. A word of warning… do make a list of what you need a few weeks before and get folk to sign up or you end up with a thousand toilet rolls and nary a duster in sight. AND always tell them that Jesus likes luxury goods – none of your cheap brands for Jesus. Last year we got toilet rolls which were definitely sub-standard! Only the best will do for church.

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