All move

I am in the process of switching my study and lounge room around. For over three years I have had my study at the back of the house (facing north and my garden) while my lounge room basks in sunshine (facing the street).  So my view is nice and I can keep an eye on foxy, the birds and my washing.  But the downside is that the room is permanently freezing cold and as I sometimes spend 12 hours in my study a day, it seems daft to be perishing cold when I could be toasty warm.

Yesterday was Day #1 of the Big Move Project. Son #1 was in charge of moving things and painting and I was his ‘mate’.  That meant that I did a bit of cutting in, rearranging dust sheets (because an artist doesn’t care about a few splatters of purple paint on a sofa but I do), making tea, washing brushes and running back and forth to B&Q to purchase all the things we forgot or to upgrade cheap roller to Harris roller (much better). The dining room looks like Curio Imports because all my objets are lurking there.

Let me tell you, I am exhausted. I ache from head to toe. I’m not up to date with my usual Blogs and Twitters and am suffering withdrawals. And it is only going to get worse. Today I have to empty the Study. This is not going to be an easy task, let me tell you. Not a bit.

3 thoughts on “All move

  1. I will pray!! (It being a bit of a long way to come and offer any more practical assistance.)

    I’m trying not to think about a big sort out and clear out that’s happening from Thursday around here…

  2. Thank you Moyra. Prayers are good and needed. The moving of the study stuff took longer than expected so no painting done yesterday. And a large spider has been seen in the new lounge so I’m keeping out.

    What’s your big clear out in aid of then?

  3. I shall keep praying.

    I’d be really helpful, spiders don’t bother me one iota… mice and rats are a totally different matter!

    All may well become clearer about my Big Clear Out in a few weeks, but the urge to sort everything out, whilst having the house to myself for a few days, and whilst I need distracting came upon me, and who am I do deny the leading of the Spirit?

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