Vodafone Crisis

My beloved Palm Treo (that’s a mobile phone btw) has died. Yesterday it was dialling numbers on its own and my tapping screen thing didn’t work. A few hours later it had died altogether.  Today I took it back to the Vodafone shop and was told it had to go back to the manufacturers to be repaired and it will take about a week. All well and good. I was even given my battery and sim card back to use in the meantime. How?!  “Don’t you have another phone you can put it in?” he said.  “Em, no.”  You’d think they could lend you a wee phone in the meantime but it would appear that this is why you take out insurance.

Son #1 tried it in his phone but it would appear that I haven’t saved all my numbers on to the sim card. Doh.

So please don’t phone me on my mobile for the next week, ok?

PS – it turns out that in the garage my very old pink phone lies festering in cobwebs. We’ll give it a go and see what happens.


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