Christian Aid book sale turns up trumps again

I first discovered the annual Christian Aid book sale when I was a student at New College. We used to saunter down daily with our empty rucksacks on our back ready to fill with all the theology books we could carry at bargain prices. Heaven must be something like the book sale, I reckon.

Today I took Son #1 and he was just as excited as me. 2 big bags later and happy bunnies all round. Fans of Bigbulkyanglican will be glad to know that many of his books have made their way on to my shelves.  Cheers, Tom.


5 thoughts on “Christian Aid book sale turns up trumps again

  1. Oh…I envy you that link with BBA. I do miss his writing so.
    The CA book sale sounds utterly irresistable, though a bit distant to negotiate 😦

  2. Kathryn, this sale is phenomenal. The amount of books that come in is immense. And many clergy pass on their libraries which makes it all the more worthwhile.

  3. I haven’t been to this sale for years as I’m not near it now. It may have changed over the years but when I did go I rarely bought anything. I always thought that (in what should be regarded I suppose as an admirable attempt to maximise revenue for Christian Aid) their prices were way too high. It struck me as a Charity booksale for the middle classes who could afford new but liked to feel they had “done good”. Too dear for those with not much money.

  4. 50p for fiction books and from 50p-£2 for religious. So not that bad, as far as I’m concerned. There were dearer specialist ones but not the kind you’d find in your average charity shop. And it does go to a good cause.

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