Carol Ann Duffy is new Poet Laureate

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but I struggle with poetry. Lots of clergy love it but I just don’t get it. Well I do get it but you really have to work at it, right?  Son #1 writes poetry and I get his – well, it is kind of ‘in your face’ poetry. I don’t read poetry often because I think I am too impatient. However sometimes poems come your way and occasionally I do get it. I even write some of them down. Carol Ann Duffy’s poems would fall into that category. She does religion and humour too. So I get her poetry.

But best of all she is the first woman poet laureate and a Scot to boot. Yeh!


4 thoughts on “Carol Ann Duffy is new Poet Laureate

  1. Yes. Congratulations to Carol Ann. But we must also congratulate all those dedicated English educators who never gave up on the Scots. Who believed, against all the empirical evidence to the contrary, that Scottish children could be taught to string a coherent sentence together and even write that sentence down on paper. Even after all the embarrassing failures of the past, Burns, Scott, Stevenson etc. they clung on to their dream which has now come true in the appointment of the new poet laureate.

  2. Madpriest, I shall pass on your comment to Son #1 who is doing his finals in Scottish Lit and is very big and very brutal – in a Scottish kinda way. Be scared. Be very scared.

  3. I plead for leniency and in my defence I would point out that I bet I’m one of only a very few of the bloggers hailing Carol Ann’s appoint who was buying her poetry 25 years ago. Of course, I probably didn’t realise she was Scottish at the time.

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