Spaced out

YOu know how it is. You suddenly notice that your computer keyboard is looking a bit grubby. Splashes, crumbs, dirt – how did they all get there? So you switch off your computer and get to work with an anti-bacterial wipe. After you’ve done the surface of the keys you notice little bits of fluff and crumbs in between the keys so you wrap your aforementioned wipe round a letter opener and start digging. After a bit of vigorous howking one of the keys pops off and you notice a whole other bucketload of stuff underneath. The space bar was the worst.

Only, something happened in the replacing of the space bar. To begin withitdidn’tworkunlessyougaveitareallygood thump. Now it clunks alarmingly. I think it liked the cushioning of all that fluff.


7 thoughts on “Spaced out

  1. Now you mention it, I think I’d better turn off my computer and clean it! The boys were very rude about the state of my screen last time we had a youth meeting here, and I’m sure I’ve not done it since then. Oops.

  2. Thanks Chris. You’ve just given me this wonderful image of Ruth standing over the keyboard with her upright hoover, wheeling it backwards and forwards over her keyboard.

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