Still Doubting



6 thoughts on “Still Doubting

  1. Are you sure Thomas was a doubter, Ruth? I’ve never been totally convinced that he was, at least at the beginning of the scene in the upper room. I see him as someone who was very sure of himself, and was thoroughly persuaded that certainty was attainable through proof – you could say he was the first Christian fundamentalist, really. John’s account doesn’t actually say that he responded to Jesus’ invitation to touch his wounds. Instead, he could be said to have come to faith when he abandoned his quest for certainty.

  2. Stunning image.

    Surely being the only one of the apostles to take christianity east out of the familiarity of the Greco-Roman world say something about the strength of his faith?

  3. Eammon – I might be with you up until `the first Christian fundamentalist’. Surely the direction of the ardency better reflects modern skepticism.

    What strikes me is how the conversation takes flight with Jesus’ playful comment after that point.

  4. Eammon, the title comes from the painting, it being a modern take on Caravaggio’s painting of the same subject.

    But having Thomas a doubter is such a good preaching opportunity! Not that I did, being on holiday.

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