The Triduum continues

When there is more than one spare minute in a day (ie when I am on holiday next week) I shall update you (with pics) on this year’s marathon that was Holy Week.  Btw, the diet is going awfully well this week strangely enough – 4lbs lost somewhere!

Chrism Mass – same flipping Britten Missa Brevis again!

Garden of Repose – helpers made all the difference and it was stunning.

Maundy Thursday – feet were washed by +Alan and me; food was good but a request for wine next time (the blood of Christ not being enough!), altars were stripped and a rather noisy Vigil at the altar of repose. ‘Leave silently’ doesn’t mean the same to everyone!

Good Friday Stations of the Cross for children – huge turnout (30?) and they loved their little purple crosses to take away. Good questions too.

Good Friday Stations for grown-ups – +Alan did us proud.

Son of Man movie was wonderful and very apt. Hot cross buns went down well after too.

Service of Nails – tears and candles.

Today – off to clean the altar from top to bottom and photocopy even more stuff. Pray for photocopier.

Vigil tonight at 8pm if you have the stamina…


4 thoughts on “The Triduum continues

  1. I was leaving in silence after the Vigil and was rather surprised when one of the churchwardens (himself a lay preacher and son of a minister – so ignorance cannot be claimed) engaged me in conversation as soon as we reached the church porch.

  2. ahhh, but I think the clue was the word ‘minister’? I, too, was at a service last night where we were supposed to leave in silence [not, I hasten to add, my placement church, they do know better!!!]. We managed to get to the 7th pew before the door before the chatter started. Presbyterians: destroying liturgical sensibilities since 1560… lol!

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