Prep for Holy Week

I’ve been doing a little prep for Holy Week this week. Talks and meditations are mostly written, crosses painted courtesy of the Craft Group, desk tidied as well as floor in anticipation of things being hurled there late at night before the onslaught of the next day’s services. We at St Mark’s are offering something every day, hopefully to suit all tastes. When I look at what other churches are offering I wonder if I am doing too much.

But from as long as I have been going to church I have loved the drama and theatre of Holy Week. For me it always had to be a daily thing – a commitment I marked in my diary at the beginning of the year.  At St Mark’s we will have Morning Prayer and Candlelit Compline from Monday to Wednesday. (Confession on Wednesday too.)  Maundy Thursday will be the biggy – agape meal, choir, washing feet, stripping altars and vigil at the altar of repose.  On Good Friday we are trying something new – Stations of the Cross for the little ones in the morning. I was aware last year that the children go from the Hosannas of Palm Sunday to the Alleluias of Easter Day with none of the sadness in between. So we will do some of the Stations and some storytelling. From 12noon it will be the grown-up’s time with Stations led by +Alan and then we will watch the film Son of God. At night it will be the Service of Nails which we did a few years ago and many found it very moving. Holy Saturday begins with Morning Prayer at the cross and then the big clean-up and flower arranging. At night we will hold our Vigil with renewal of baptismal vows. And it all begins/ends with Easter on the beach at 7am followed by big Alleluias.

Oh, and did I mention, you are all invited. See website for times.


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