Godly Play and silence

We had Morag visit us on Sunday to do Godly Play with the children. Oh how I wanted to go too. At the end of the service the children always report back on what they’ve done but when I asked there was a deathly silence. In fact, I was told they had been the quietest they’ve ever been throughout the whole process. Godly Play is about wondering and they kept their wonderings to themselves. Quite right too. But I am going to get Morag to come and do Godly Play for the grownups some time soon. Can’t wait to see us sitting on cushions on the floor!


3 thoughts on “Godly Play and silence

  1. This Godly play thing is sold as something all trendy and new. But I remember my teachers doing it in the 1960s. However, back then they used to call it “reading us a story.”

  2. If only you were allowed to read the story, Madpriest, it would save a lot of mumbling and angst of learning the stories off by heart the night before!!

    Sitting on the floor isn’t the hard bit Ruth, it’s the getting up afterwards!! Let me know some suggested dates and we can get the adults wondering too…!

  3. revruth
    I recently took the godly play introduction class. Actually there were no pillows. They did allow the “old folks” like me to bring a chair from another room. Found the introduction to be like trying to eat one potato chip, you just have to have more.
    peace and grace

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