Kate Charles does it again

Many, many years ago I came across a book by a new author, Kate Charles, and bought it because it was an ecclesiastical whodunnit – a genre of which I am particularly fond. As soon as I read it I knew that this author knew church – in fact, knew my church. All the characters were there and dialogues that I could practically lip-sync with.  I’ve read them all and waited with bated breath for the next one to come out. Ages ago I saw the latest Secret Sins was out in hardback and it has been a long wait till the paperback version hit Amazon. But, dear reader, it arrived on Saturday and I’ve finished it already. Really wish I’d paced myself better but it just had to be read right now!

I think some of her earlier ones are out of print now but if you find any, get them and you won’t be disappointed. Each one is a story on its own, but some characters do continue in a few of them.


7 thoughts on “Kate Charles does it again

  1. Ruth, so good to read your words about ‘Secret Sins’. But it’s not the newest! ‘Deep Waters’ has just been published and you won’t want to wait to get it. It’s an exploration of celebrity culture, so your interest in Big Brother makes it a must-read for you.

  2. I think you should write a literary column for a daily newspaper – Rev Ruth’s Read. I have read more books since I’ve been reading your blog than before. You’re enthusiasm is infectious and you write in a way that propels me to Amazon and / or Borders. I can see you now holding court at the Book festival. Richard Holloway watch out!

  3. Wow! A comment from THE Kate Charles – how cool is that? Looks like Deep Waters is on the list now. thank you for commenting and keep writing. You’re my fave.

    Abigail, don’t buy them – I’ll pass them on. Unless you’re like me and just love to have new books! I’d be so much better off financially if I did libraries.

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