Blogging hiccup

Well, it has been a busy old week and you may have noticed the lack of blogging. Lady Day came and went with not a mention or gorgeous pic. The visit to my new dentist – Pedro, yes Pedro… sigh… came and went with nary a mention. The film group watched The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and cried but not a peep from me. I missed four birthdays – sorry. I joined Slimming World on Monday and haven’t even opened the books yet to find out what I’m meant to be eating – or not. And we had a full church for John Jeffrey’s Memorial service which was incredible. I gathered info from all the Portie churches to do our Holy Week and Easter leaflet with much prompting. Oh, and I did the magazine all by myself but promise to hand over to the new mag group next time. Nearly forgot – also supported Son #1 with his last essay on rewriting Greek tragedy plays, I think. In amongst it all, of course, there was a little Holy Week planning – but more to come.

So there you have my week. And today is my day off and I woke at the crack of dawn. I promise to clean my desk, file a pile, take Son #1 to Costco, and finish my book.


3 thoughts on “Blogging hiccup

  1. Nah, reading The 19th Wife which was long and interesting but perhaps too long? And I did finish it!

    The writing of the novel will have to wait until I retire!

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