Take up your cross

Blogs are often used to criticise. (And there are certain theatre companies who should take heed of that fact in light of a certain Provost’s blog.) The whole world is a critic now and if, like me, you check Google for reviews of goods to purchase or places to go then a lot of companies should take heed.

However, today is a day for praising not criticising.  In my planning-for-Holy-Week frenzy this week I thought it would be good to get hold of some little wooden crosses to give out to the children at our Stations of the Cross event on Good Friday morning. I have a great source for the most beautiful holding crosses but as I have heard that some of the mums are bringing all and sundry I knew that was going to be too expensive. All I wanted were some plain little wooden crosses. I googled. And I found this. I got 60 crosses within two days delivered to my door and they are perfect. And you get an invoice too so you can see before you buy. I got the unfinished ones because they were cheaper for that volume and might have to do some sanding before little hands get hold of them, but you can get finished ones for a little more. Great service and I shall be back.

Oh, and you get other shapes too – doves, fishes, stars etc.


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