Diocesan Synod time

I’m off to Diocesan Synod today and feeling a little anxious. I have heard of two Diocesan Synods recently where their Bishop announced his imminent retirement. Is this a pattern? What if our beloved Bishop Brian were to announce his too? We’re not ready to let him go.

I’m also going to ask for permission to nip off for an hour at lunch time to attend the Memorial service for Marcella Althaus Reid who taught me all I know about Liberation Theology, Feminist Theology (and the glories of Womanist Theology) and Praxis. She was full of life and a breath of fresh air in a pretty stuffy institution. I didn’t know she was ill and was shocked to read of her death. Rest eternal, grant to her, Lord. And let light perpetual shine upon her. And I have no doubt it does.


3 thoughts on “Diocesan Synod time

  1. Hope your bishop is intact.. I fancy a change of jobs… but purple is not my colour, maybe this time they will find a woman bishop ?

    do let us lot who follow your blog know how the memorial service went, I dont think there is a student who will forget Marcella, how she broke the mould of theology teachers, you could hear her stiletto’s as she came down the hall, entered a room with grace and energy ready to inspire….. she will be missed. RIP

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