What do you look for in a Lent Group?

Following a discussion last night at the Vestry meeting, I may have found out why not many turned up for the Lent Group. In the past St Mark’s have had speakers along each week in Lent. Last year some folk asked for something they could get involved with – bible study and discussions. But it would appear that some folk don’t like that and prefer sitting and listening. They don’t like having to think and speak. Fair enough. Now that I know that, we shall alternate in future – one year a listening one, and the next year a talking one.

And just so you know… this year we are exploring our own Vocations. And it is a discussing one.


5 thoughts on “What do you look for in a Lent Group?

  1. I think what can put people off discussion type groups is that it can highlight how little or how much you know.
    Those who ‘know lots’ will be forthcoming and try and show off with sentences starting on the theme of “Well of course, if you consider that phrase in Ancient Greek…” or quote scripture with chapter and verse numbers without letting on what it actually says.
    It can be hard to say that you don’t know what they are talking about, so you sit in silence and feel thick and inadequate.
    Ok, I admit it, I’m talking about me!
    I haven’t been able to make either of the “What We As Christian’s Ought to Know” sessions by Bishop Brian and I’d be curious to hear what they have been like.
    My dream Lent Group at the moment would be using Godly Play. It is bible study in disguise but would put everyone on a level playing field in terms of being able to contribute.

  2. Morag, I’ve been to a few in my time where I was too scared to speak. Yes me! And I know the folk you speak of – and they scare me too because I never know chapter and verse.

    I thought ours was more informal and not too intimidating but I guess if folk don’t come, they won’t know that. All the discussions are done in small groups – with me sitting out.

    No, I didn’t get to +B’s talks either. Didnt even get them in my diary.

    Godly Play for grown-ups sounds fun.

  3. Do you need to alternate annually, or can you combine both approaches in the same session? Say, 15-20 minutes of input, followed by/interleaved with discussion. I know some people don’t like having to speak, and we have to respect that, and not make them feel under pressure, but ‘don’t like having to think’? That would worry me.

  4. Didn’t tell anyone it was about Vocation though. Just billed it as Lent Group.

    Eamonn, it is a combined one that we do – but its the talking bit some don’t like. and yes, it worries me too.

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