Quiet Day

Yesterday we had the first of our Lent Groups on ‘Calling’. That’s calling as in vocation, not as in yodelling or yelling. Not a great number unlike past years but not sure why. So a bit disappointing.

Then four people stayed on for our Quiet Afternoon on Lent and Transitions. Again, I wondered why more people didn’t take part. Is it that Saturdays are not good for folk? Is an afternoon too much time to give up? Do people not take on Lenten disciplines any more? Have I failed in explaining it?  You’ll note what I thought about in the silence!

To be honest, it is disheartening when you spend a lot of time in preparation and planning and few folk turn up. But then you have to wonder if you are planning the wrong sort of event. And of course, even if one person turns up then you have done your best for them. But… Maybe its because I’m feeling a bit under the weather that these things are bothering me more.

And in case you were planning on coming to the Alternative Service tonight, don’t bother. It is cancelled!


13 thoughts on “Quiet Day

  1. Yeah, can understand your feelings, bet if you had a church social they would all turn up! I’d have come!
    Hope you better soon.

  2. Val, yes perhaps if there had been food…!

    Moyra, i feel for you. It is so disheartening.

    Chris, of the 4 folk who came to the Quiet Afternoon: 3 work (and are Cursillistas) and 1 is retired and a Franciscan companion. As for the Lent Group – Saturdays was the congregation’s choice a few years ago because the oldies don’t like to come out in evenings. Turns out that most of them don’t want to come on Saturdays either!

  3. We find Friday evenings and Saturdays absolutely useless even for social events. Whatever people say, weekday evenings at 7.30 are when they will actually turn up.

  4. Given that I work, my heart sinks if there’s something on for a Saturday even if it’s something that should be a treat – something totally and utterly delightful! Even a trip to the theatre on a Saturday afternoon followed by a meal with friends can seem a cruel imposition, when all I want to do is idle around at home in old clothes after an exhausting and draining week.

  5. One of the draewbacks of having a broad church is that when you look at individual events they can often seem disapointing. Look instead at the nunbers of people attending both Sunday services, Alternative service, Book group, film night, cafe, music afternoons, Morning prayer, events over Advent and christmas……need I go on.

  6. Be assured you are offering so much, as Sheena says to a wide diversity of folk – and doing a great job! As one of the band of 4, thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a quiet reflective time – even when there was a host of household chores waiting for me at home!

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