Priest down

For a week now I have had some kind of dreaded lurgy which involves vomiting and stomach pains – never a pretty combination. Mornings are bearable but as the day goes on it builds into an unbearable frenzy of unpleasantness.  The doc has given me anti-sickness pills and they are making me feel sick. Go figure.

Of course one has to wonder about the timing of this. After all, this is a notoriously hard week for clergy with pancakes and ashes and new liturgies and the like. (On a happier note – the diet is going terribly well now!) Please pray for all the above.

Pancakes will happen tonight at 7pm and I give you my apologies now.

Ash Wednesday will happen tomorrow morning at 10am and at 7.30pm.

8 thoughts on “Priest down

  1. Turns out that it is Gastritis – possible ulcer possibly worsened by stress!! At this time of year? What can she mean?!

    Gave in and got strong painkillers yesterday which have worked and I am now off to celebrate the Holy Mysteries in a stoned fashion. On the other hand, my fasting is going awfully well!

  2. Awe Ruth, that’s been going on for ages, you poor thing. Hope you get some”proper” gastritis meds soon. Never the way you want to loose weight! GWS

  3. Thanks RR. I think +Alan is ready to step into the breach if necessary.

    Thanks Val for your kind message. Yes, the diet is going awfully well! But as you say, not the way you want to lose it.

  4. I can recommend lansoprazole tabs – they stop over production of stomach acid. And failing that, the good old yankee remedy Pepto Bismol! I’ve had gastritis on and off for years and yes, I’m afraid your doc’s right – stress is a big factoe. Hope your ashing went well.

  5. Jas, going back to doc today so will demand more pills! Turns out the pills I got (Omeprazol?) are not for sickness but for acid.

    Ashing went very well and I didn’t throw up on anyone so that’s good, right?

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