Was James Bond gay?

I have been a fan of James Bond since I was a young impressionable teenager. My friend Joey and I used to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon at the Playhouse watching a Bond double-bill. (Remember when you used to get double-bills?)  Of course the problem with that was that one of the films was always Thunderball so I reckon I knew the script off by heart. It was Sean Connery that we were really in love with (pause to sigh) but I did enjoy all the books too. And I don’t think anyone can touch him for the part of Bond, although some of them are cute to look at.  However, it certainly never occurred to me that he may be gay.

In an old Sunday Times magazine I found the following comment:

‘The novels were written in the era of the famous homosexual traitors Burgess, Maclean and Blunt, when so many MI5 agents were gay that most people must have thought it a condition of employment. Note that Bond regularly drinks pink champagne.  And how come he has an instinctive ‘gaydar’, and is always picking up signs of homosexuality in other men, including the otherwise blameless jewel expert, Mr Snowman, in Property of a Lady? Psychologists maintain this is a sure sign of a closet case.’

Do hetero men not drink pink champagne? Hmm, I’m not convinced. What about you?


8 thoughts on “Was James Bond gay?

  1. Maybe the writer is confusing gay with “went to an English public school”! Out of which JB was chucked for frolicing with a housemaid!

  2. I’ve never read the books nor seen a film all the way through despite the obvious charms of some of the actors, but if what I have seen is anything to go by, that would be one of the best smoke screens ever to hide in a closet!

  3. If you take TV programmes made in Scotland as your guide it does appear that a much higher proportion of Scottish people, both male and female, are gay. I’ve always put this down to the Scottish media’s attempt to show Scotland as a modern, enlightened nation. But perhaps it is a truer reflection of Lowland sexual preferences than I had supposed.

    And, really, it has to be admitted, pink champagne and martinis are most definitely girlie drinks. No question about it. I mean, they’re hardly a pint of Tennants and a whiskey chaser.

  4. Sorry Alsyon. Should have referenced it better, shouldn’t I? and now you have to pay to get access to the Times archives. sorry!

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