Riding of the Marches returns

It would appear that Edinburgh’s Riding of the Marches will return this year after an absence of 63 years. In September 250 horses and riders will leave the Braids and ride through town and up the Royal Mile. That should be fun. The last time I saw horses on the Royal Mile they were skiting all over the place on the cobbles. It was hilarious.  (Not, I suppose, if you are on the horse or indeed, the horse itself.)  Of course this could just be a ploy to completely bring the traffic to a standstill on that side of the city – the other half of the city being in complete chaos with the tram-to-be works.

But I bet it doesn’t even come close to the joy of Linlithgow’s Marches which are legendary. Pubs open at about 5am, the band wanders round waking people up, breakfast is at 9am where speeches are given in a drunken manner (yes, I have done it!) then it is off to ride the boundaries (more drink and speeches along the way), a stop off for Bo’ness milk (with whisky) and a big meal in a tent with more speakers and more beer, before a walk along the High Street 3 times. That’s if you are still standing. Great fun and fond memories.

C’mon Edinburgh! You can do it.


4 thoughts on “Riding of the Marches returns

  1. You have speech given in drunken manner?
    Did you do this thing on a horse too?
    Poor horse, did he get to eat in the tent with you before walking up and down the High Street 3 times?
    Sounds like fun!
    Are you thinking of introducing this to Porty? Donkey rides up and down the prom? Sounds like a kodak moment.

  2. For me, speech was received in drunken manner. I stayed sober until it was over!

    No, no horses in L’gow but sat on a trailer drawn by a tractor. As smelly as a horse. (Diesel)

    Yes, I can see a donkey at Portie. Wonder if I could borrow one for Palm Sunday…

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