Bookmark reads The Shack

Bigger group than normal last night when we met to discuss The Shack – the book that everyone is talking about. Interesting that only a few said they had enjoyed it but then went on to say they loved this bit and that bit and that another bit had helped them.

We decided it was probably a book written for Christians, especially those who don’t have a church.

You need to remember that this was a story told to the author’s children and not a great theological tome.

We also had an interesting conversation about the McCann’s and missing children.

We all loved the relational aspect of the Trinity.

‘Learning to live loved’ is hard for some.

We liked ‘The bible doesn’t teach you to follow rules. It is a picture of Jesus… don’t look for rules and principles, look for relationship – a way of coming to be with us.’

We’d now like to hear Nan’s story or the story of the elder daughter.

You can read what the other St Mark’s (East Kilbride branch) thought of it here.

And our next book will be The Reader by Bernhard Schlink on Monday 9 March.


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